Financial Consultancy

"I'm looking for guidance and support" - Get Underneath Your Finances and Improve Your Profit

Our financial consultancy helps you analysis how your business is performing and also how things can be improved. We bring in our experience and skills to really drive up the value you get from your finance team, whilst also identifying where else in the business money can be made.

Our consultancy can be temporary or permanent, depending on your needs. It is a service that is often used by companies that already have internal bookkeepers or accountants in place and want to add to what they have, not to replace it.

The service we provide gives your business all the benefits of having a good Financial Director, but without the high wage bills or recruitment process.

By occupying the the financial director role within the business, we feedback on how the business is performing – focusing on key financial indicators like profitability, cashflow management and resource management.

We can even manage your accounts staff, working with them to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of the business. We also attend monthly meetings with the directors to present a range of reports that provide a clearer picture of the financial performance of your business.

Accounts staff and bookkeepers are not cheap, so it is essential that value for money is being received on the costs you are paying out. Even more important is ensuring that the work being done is not costing you time and money further down the line. We make sure that the information being processed is being done to the right standard and we also work with your end of year accountant to ensure work is not duplicated.