Financial Management

Take on a Full Accounts Department, Without the Cost

Our Financial Management service replaces is targeted at businesses with turnover with less than £1 million, who are not yet in a position to be able to afford a full time accountant or bookkeeper.

This services provides your business with a full range of accounts department services, but costs significantly less than employing a member of staff.

We provide all the services that an accounts department would offer, including; Bookkeeping, VAT returns, Payroll Managements, Monthly Financial Reports, Paying Bills and Chasing Debts.

Not only does the service reduce the time you invest in the financial side of the business to almost zero, the value that your business will receive from having the accounts up to date in real time is invaluable. Every month you know exactly how much profit you have made, what you have spent and how you have performed against your targets. By doing this, we help you identify waste within the business and keep costs to a minimum.

Our service has been perfected over time, so our systems allow us to work in such a way that the control remains with the customer. We do the work, however the authorization for payments and debt chasing remains 100% with you.

Our prices for this service range from £300-£750 per month, dependent on the complexity of your business.